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Hilliards Creek History

Aboriginal cultural heritage management

Action/s: Catchment Description - Identification of Historical Sites (6.1), Policy Framework Queensland Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act (3.4.1 3.4.3)



Preliminary research has identified one existing indigenous cultural heritage site in the Hilliards Creek catchment.  The site is described as follows;



The place contains a Bora ring and at least two scarred trees.  The Bora ring consists of a circular mound approximately 0.5m high, with a diameter of approximately 22m.  A gap in the mound to the east suggests an opening for a pathway since destroyed.  Another gap in the mound immediately north of the pathway gap appears to be the result of bulldozer activity.  Approximately 50m west of the Bora ring, two large tallow wood (Eucalyptus microcorys) trees located 28m apart evidence scars suggestive  of Aboriginal origin.



Overall, the condition and integrity of the Bora ring and scarred trees is good.  The only damage to the ring besides the natural levelling actions of erosion over time is the apparent bulldozered depression in the mound to the east.  Expanding residential development in the area, coupled with the development of a new industrial estate less than 150m away are very real threats to the preservation of the site.


Statement of significance

This site represents one of only a few 'Bora rings' in southeast Queensland specifically recorded in close association with scarred trees.  The integrity of the site is good, with nearly all of the circular mound being well-defined and intact.  Since the environmental context of the 'Bora ring' and scarred trees appears to have been little modified by Europeans, the integrity significance of the area is augmented.

Being adjacent to urban areas immediately South of Brisbane, the site has great educational, social and rarity significance, especially in view of the fact that other 'Bora rings' in the district have been either severely damaged or destroyed.